Some of you may or may not recall me talking about ASMR videos, as I've not posted about them in months. ASMR is kind of like a little tingle you get in your head and ears when certain sounds sooth you. Such as certain people's voices, running water, whispering, the lul of a fan or furnace, and even gum chewing for some people. Well like many people, I listen to asmr videos on YouTube before bed because they help me to sleep, similar to white noise.

Well here is what's funny. I've only briefly talked with my husband about it. There is a guy I watch named Tony, or Asmerer for his nickname, that does VERY creative videos. He does what are called "roleplays" where he pretends to be an eye dr giving you an exam, or a teacher reading a book, or a massage therapist. Now to anyone that comes acrossed these videos and doesn't understand their purpose, it looks like some strange kinky sexual thing. However they are merely tools to help you sleep. Anyway, my husband randomly says to me yesterday "did I show you that fairy video from Tosh?" And I was like " I don't thnk so" so he hands me his iPhone. I look down and smile. There he is in his blonde wig and Fairy makeup.

" oh! That's Tony! How cool! He made it to Tosh! They probably made fun of him, but he doesn't care, he's got thick skin. I've seen this video a million times, like months and months ago"

My husbands mouth just fell haha I love Tony! He's awesome,

#asmrer #Tony-Bomboni

The image is my own doodle