One of the best things a guy can do in order to increase his self confidence is to find a long term solution for controlling early ejaculation. Now I'll grant you there are tons of so called quick fix products out there that promise to boost your sexual stamina - products like anaesthetizing creams and sprays, some pills (which are actually anti depressants) and specialty condoms which are extra thick and contain a numbing agent - but these really do not address the permanency of the condition. There may be a time and a place for them but if you really want to control your orgasms you have to have to get to the bottom of what is causing you to have PE. In my opinion there are 4 stages that have to be addressed before embarking on any program of prevention.

Number 1. Understand what makes YOU climax too soon.

Everybody is different and there are several different reasons that can cause a man to be afflicted. Some men are bothered by more than one reason and my experience has shown that it is usually a complex combination of the following situations. It often all starts with poor masturbation habits at an early age whereby the teenager is rushing in order not to be detected. Secondly there is the regular stress and anxiety of life including something called 'performance anxiety' caused by the expectation of ejaculating prematurely - a self fulfilling prophecy! Thirdly there is the added condition of erectile dysfunction which can cause you to hurry through intercourse before you lose your erection.

Number 2. Decide exactly how much time YOU want to last.

Life is all about setting goals and curing PE is no different. Unless you know how long you want to last and set that as your target you will have no way of measuring your progress. Now, you have to be realistic about where your first level of achievement will be reached. For example in severe cases, some men ejaculate within the first thirty seconds, so setting a half an hour as your target in the first seven days just isn't going to happen right off the bat! Setting the bar too high is a common problem with achieving goals and leads to disappointment and eventually total failure. It's better to take baby steps and keep increasing the target when each level is reached.

Number 3. Stay positive.

I know, I know. It sounds cliché - but for a good reason. If you think that there won't setbacks then of course you are wrong, but the important thing is to maintain your focus and forget about the minor stumbles. I'm a great believer in visualization and numerous studies have proven how powerful it can be. So imagine what it would be like if you could last as long as you want and what you could do with that extra sexual stamina. Think about how much happiness it would bring to both you and your partner and believe that you CAN make a permanent change.

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Number 4. Never surrender.

Take the time to learn the various time-tested methods and then stay the course until you are successful. Some of the all natural training and conditioning techniques include breathing control, correction of masturbation methods, arousal control and Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. When these, along with others, are integrated into a step by step system and you practice them in a diligent fashion, you will be surprised by the results. It won't happen overnight but with consistent effort your mind and body will adjust and the two will become coordinated as one. The key is to know what you want, how you are going to get there and being prepared to do what it takes to make you successful.