Titan Fall looks to be a very promising game and is arguably becoming one of the most anticipated games to be released exclusively on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on 2014. For those that want to know when the release date is well here it is. The release date is June 1, 2014 announced on Amazon.

This game offers a whole new experience of warfare which includes you fighting as an agile assault pilot or as a titan. As an agile assault pilot you will be able to eject out of titans and land on other titans to take them out or land somewhere safe to stay alive. You are also able to run on walls with a jet pack, similar to how you run on walls in Mirror's Edge, and you can elevate yourself to higher ground with the jet pack as well. As for the titan it looks as if it is a perk you will be able to use after you acquire a couple of kills, it also gives you multiple options on how to engage your enemies. This is just a few of the amazing things you can do in this game so I will provide a link so you can see it for yourself. Enjoy!


If you have any questions about this game feel free to ask anything.

photo credit: http://www.xboxworld.com.au/home/2013/06/12/respawn-entertainment-unveils-titanfall/

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