I am not a nurse or don't like and know about medical stuff. But based on where I grew up and how my mother treat us when we are sick and seeing her how to take care of my grandparents, without going to the hospital, I've learned a lot. And now that I am a mother too, I applied it to my kids,husband. I know we have different beliefs but I think trying to do one thing or try one thing to learn is not difficult. As they said, nothing to lost if you try. So, my point is, here in the US, a lot of old people needs a real care and not only depending on what the doctor said or asking for a care giver just to watch them until they die! I am so disappointed of watching old sick people in bed or chair for the whole day doing nothing. They started having bed sores and gout. Do you know why? I never seen any old people who are happy being in their bed or chair before they die. They needs more attention and share times with them if possible. Show them how beautiful outside the house if they cannot even walk anymore. Give them everyday sponge bath with good smell soap with candle lights beside their beds. Soak their feet and give them a simple foot spa or massage. Massaging their bodies even once in 2 two days will help them feel better. Feed them more fruits and vegetable and give them a meat treat if they will follow of what are you saying. Bring them to a small walk even in the yard or in the patio.Talk to them or listen them more than you talk. If they cannot really move at all because of what they have in their body, you can still let them know what is outside and let them talk more to exercise. I wish I still have my parents so I can take care of them as well. In my country, we take our old people to the beach, morning exercises and sun set exercises. We bring them to the church every Sunday. Pamper them as much as we can before they go. I know some are pain in the ass to take care of but just pretend you are taking care of a baby. Gout is a kind of arthritis. Your joint will lock up if you wont move it for a long time. But some people won't believe that massaging or walking will help.Sea foods, vegetables,fruits and herbal drinks are better. I know a lot of people are depending in science but where does medicine from? Herbs right? Vitamins?shampoos, soap and even lotion etc. I am just hoping that if you will try to do simple and cheaper way or let say old way of taking care this old people, I think they can enjoy the last day of their lives on earth. I am saying this because I have a grand mother who is 89 yrs. old. She is big and lots of sickness. Her kids only sending her to the hospital every time she is sick. Hiring care giver to watch her at night to help her going to the bathroom. But how about in the morning? No one is watching her. No one is helping her to walk to the bathroom. Yes she can manage sometimes but it won't help if you have gout and UTI. She sit in her chair for the whole day everyday. No ones even trying to bring her in the park to have a breath air or sea outside. They will bring her to the church sometimes if she feel better. But that is not enough. I wish I can stay longer here so I can give her more massage in her body. But no one will believe me that it will help her. Old people are like babies. They needs more attention and time to be with and teach them again what they forgotten.I am just sad now knowing that they needs to bring her to the ER again because her hands joint is swollen and cannot move. Hot massage will help! I hope she will still live a little longer and will enjoy her last time on earth seeing outside the window and not only looking from inside the house.