This is Hiafen Ting, a young Chinese girl that has very large breasts. But she is, say, special. Ting never had plastic surgery to place silicone. Her breasts are naturais.Cada one of Ting's breasts weighs about 10 pounds. Ting suffers severe back pain because of the weight of the breasts. Ting also has difficulty sleeping because vai as turning in bed, just crushing the breasts themselves.

Another thing the giant breasts Ting impossible to do: jogging! Is that even wearing a bra, Ting ends up hitting his face with her ​​breasts. The limitations of Ting also include directing. She needs to put the car seat well away from the steering wheel to not quit honking around.

The current holder of the title of world's largest natural breasts is Norma Stitz. Ting wants the title of world's largest natural breasts, but if we compare the measurements, the Norma Stitz are larger. While the breasts of Ting Hiafen weigh 20 kg, Norma incredible weigh 25 kg.

The effects of delayed puberty for achieving Ting. When she was 12, her breasts almost never appeared. When she was 15, however, her breasts were already almost the size they are today.

In social networks, Ting provokes many discussions! Many people do not believe she has not put silicone.