A monkey and her baby were crossing a busy street in New Delhi, India when the baby was struck by a man on a moped. The helpless animal became the target for a nearby dog. Mother monkey save her baby from the street dog,The mother then had to defend her youngster against a hungry dog that came after the helpless creature, while many onlookers stood by and watched. the street dog try to bit the baby but the mother bit back to the dog and save her bay. The baby monkey lay stunned on the street after being hit by a passing moped. The black dog went after the baby, but took on more than it could chew when the mother came after it, viciously attacking the dog. The mother monkey leaped onto the dog's back, sinking her teeth into it. The two fought, but the dog finally gave up and scampered away. The injured baby fearfully clung to its mother after the harrowing ordeal it had lived through.