I have been meaning to write about the remaining two members of my family here for some time now. I have made passing references to our two dogs, Alfie and Dyzzy, in other posts, but until now I could never face actually putting things into words.

A few things have given me the strength though. It started with a post from @pstovall which you can read here


There have also been a few posts in the last few days about how owners feel about their dogs and even whether they should have their own Facebook accounts!

And after a trip to the vets yesterday I feel the need to share my feelings with the world.

We have, or more correctly had until about 8 weeks ago, two dogs called Alfie and Dyzzy. Alfie is the black one in the picture and Dyzzy is the white Dalmatian with the blue collar. Dyzzy dog is now 11 and still with us, Alfie was 15 when he died in my arms.

I am going to tell you their stories in two separate posts and I hope you enjoy my posts. I should warn you though that they might make you cry.

NB I shall of course check this after posting but I have never posted a picture before so I hope I get it right.

The photograph is one I took myself of a painting that was specially commissioned by me as a gift to my wife @shinji-star. We therefore own all rights to the image between us.