It’s no secret that Michelle Stafford has chosen to vacate the role of Phyllis Newman on The Young and The Restless, which leaves the future of this veteran character up in the air. Some feel that the role should be recasted while others feel that no one but Stafford could play the role. After all, she has been in the part for so many years and is now associated with it. How do I feel on this subject? My feeling is that I think most roles can be recasted. I know not a very popular opinion, but when you stop to think about it there have been some good recast in daytime in the past. Do I need to remind anyone that Peter Bergman wasn’t the original Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless? But he certainly has become connected to the part over the years.

But could Phyllis be recasted, after all this isn’t an easy character to recast. She has been manipulative over the years; no one needs to be reminded that this is a woman who once committed a hit and run then had no remorse about it later. But somehow Stafford managed to gain a following in the part, and actually gained popularity, even if it was just being a character that people loved to hate. So is there another actress who could embody this same sort of traits without people feeling like Phyllis is either too villainous or being white washed into a goody two shoes. I think this is when a recast doesn’t work when the soap opera tries to change the character to accommodate the new actor instead of the actor taking on the role as it is. I do know of three actresses whom I think could provide what is needed for the role of Phyllis if the decision were up to me, and if they were willing to play the part. Here are the three actresses I have in mind and why.

Marcia Cross: As Bree on Desperate Housewives, she could be somewhat of a neurotic at times. She could also be someone who is manipulative, but she seem to have a vulnerability about her that made people connect with the character.

Robin Christopher: She spent years playing Skye Chandler Quartermaine on three ABC soaps at that time, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. The character had her flaws could be manipulative but also had a vulnerable side. Christopher knew how to lure the viewers in to feel for her character even at times she was at her worse.

Gina Tognini: She played Kelly Kramer for several years on One Life To Live, but it was her recast of the role of Dinah Marler on Guiding Light that makes her a candidate for the Phyllis role in my opinion. She brought much depth to Dinah that made her more then just a bad girl. The only problem with Tognini other then the fact that she doesn’t have red hair which could easily be fixed with hair dye is the fact that she might be a bit young for the role unlike Cross and Christopher.

There you have it my three candidates for the role of Phyllis Newman on Young and the Restless. But like I said before I don’t work for their casting department, so I don’t get a say in the recast. But then for that matter it’s still up in the air if the role will be recasted.

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