On The Young and the Restless Stitch and Kelly encountered each other at the coffee shop. It is obviously immediately that neither of them is happy to see the other in Genoa city. The viewer is left a little confused when Kelly double checks about his last name being Rayburn. Yet the impression is that both has done something to the other. It appears that Kelly has told someone, perhaps his wife, something about Stitch and he doesn't want her telling it in Genoa City. So one wonders is Stitch responsible for the death of Kelly's son, Sam? And Kelly knows about it and told his wife which is why they are having problems. A longer shot might be that Kelly pulled a Billy and slept with Stitch early on in her grieving over the loss of her son; it was a one night stand for Stitch because of some war thing; it broke up Kelly's marriage and then Kelly told Stitch's wife. I guess we will just have to wait and see.