The new Xbox console One debuts in 21 countries from November with a price of $ 499 and 499 euros in Europe, according to Microsoft on Monday will be announced a decaf ceremony held in Los Angeles the day before the start of the E3 video game trade show .

The U.S. company forward fifteen games that will be available for the device and confirmed renewed interest in further extending the life of its already successful Xbox 360 which does not seem to succumb to the arrival on the scene of the successor.

Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Microsoft's Entertainment division, Yusuf Mehdi, undertook unveil of a revamped Xbox 360 underwent a facelift to resemble more the design of Xbox One

"It is smaller, faster and quieter than ever, and is available today," Mehdi said, adding that the games will continue to flow at a good pace to that console.

Xbox 360 will still cost $ 199, so for now there will be no price incentives to encourage the purchase of the old device, which in less than six months will coexist with Xbox One, Microsoft's big bet for the coming years.

The company will sell Xbox One in a package together with a peripheral Kinect substantially improving, at least in theory, since Microsoft completely ignored its famous sensor today to play without controls.

During the half hour presentation in the auditorium Galen Center in Los Angeles, Microsoft did not tell about any Kinect game for the new console, which also was exhibited on stage for the usual delight of the audience, more than 5,000 this time.

"Today everything is about games," said Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's Entertainment division, who appeared briefly at the beginning to say hello and let the weight of the event on the shoulders of Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios visible, mark the house that sells many games for Xbox.

Microsoft began to dust video games for Xbox One, one after another, some with demonstration, some without, some exclusive to your console, some not. A visual catalog that did not quite capture what the impact will cause the new console in the competitive market.

Among the new exclusives for the Xbox One -"Ryse: Son of Rome", an action game with Roman Assignments interesting functions of combat, and "Forza Motorsport 5", car racing saga now learn how to lead the users and replicates those driving skills to replace the perfect driving style computer.