The XBOX ONE is scheduled for release in November 2013, Are you ready for that XBOX ONE I know I am. Can't wait to get it when it come out I'm gonna be the first up and out. I hope everyone get alone no pushing and the lines because some you of you people are gonna camp out and front of that store waiting for that new game. Some people can get wild and crazy so you better have security walk you out. But when you get in to that car watch back your because your on you're own. Anyway when you do get 'The Xbox Box One' be ready carefully opening that big nice box you wanna don't ruling it. Like what if there is a little problem with your game your gonna wanna take it back,Don't forget to keep that receipt in case. When you play you're game don't let it over heated or your gonna be crying when it stops working. Don't eat over that game you might drop some food on that game you don't want that. Don't leave your game setting on a none clean table,Don't leave it out and front of little kids if they're really hyper. You wanna keep that game in good shape.