The Walking Dead and Terminus

We only have two episodes left of this season’s The Walking Dead, and I have a creepy feeling.

Something about this Terminus thing just doesn’t feel right to me.

Terminus sounds too much like Terminix to me – which is a company that eliminates and kills pests such as rodents and insects.

Let’s face it – we have seen this before on the show – the zombie apocalypse survivors think there is safety in numbers.

It never seems to happen – does it?

The Governor seemed safe – wasn’t.

The prison seemed safe – wasn’t.

They were in a CDC lab – was not safe.

If the Terminus place was safe – that would be the end of the show!

No – I think the producers have something up their sleeves – ready to shock us all.

I have a feeling something really bad and different is going to happen in the next two weeks on The Walking Dead.

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