It’s been a crazy summer on The Vineyard for Katie and Lou. There is something between them, and there’s no denying that. But, what do mistakes cost us? As I said in The Vineyard: The Truth Does Always Come Out What Now For Katie and Lou, Jackie and Lou’s secret would come out. He made a big mistake showing up on her door step that night, and hooking up with her.

When Katie was set to leave the island and go tell Matt it’s over between them, so she could be with Lou, it got to Lou’s conscience. He could have let it go and said nothing, just like Jackie and even Shawn suggested. He wanted to come clean, but Jackie beat him to it. As soon as she knew Lou was on his way to tell Katie, Jackie picked up the phone. Lou was devastated. Either way, even if Lou got to Katie first, I don’t think anything would have been different. Katie has every right to feel hurt and betrayed. At the same time, what makes this all complicated, is how Katie turned Lou down. As I said in my prior post, Katie could have said something different to Lou. She hurt him, and he thought it was over and he lost her. She should have said, “I feel the same, but I need time. I need to consider Matt. I can’t go behind his back. Give me time.” Instead, he was foolish to give up on this love and run to a friend, especially a friend of Katie’s.

Do people get more chances with love? Looking at their story, really no one is to blame, but they both are at fault. It was unfortunate and could have been avoided. Where do they go from here? Lou waited all day for Katie to arrive back on the island. She tells him she needs time away from him. She’s not telling him it’s over or that she doesn’t want to be with him, but she just wants time to think. He tells her to take all the time she needs. Lou tells Katie, “you should know I love you.”

Daniel throws another party on the Island, this time for Sophi’s girlfriend. Katie and Lou are there but not together. They do get to talk a little and Lou tells her, “I wish I was hanging out with you.” He kisses her on the cheek and they both separate. It’s implied they strongly want to be together as a couple. Fans can’t see Katie saying no to Lou. At the bonfire at the beach with the housemates, Katie tells Lou she wants to spend a day with him to do whatever he wants. She told him to plan it. He’s so happy, he asks, “you and me alone?” He takes her to a lighthouse. They go up to the top. He wrote her a poem. He reads the poem to her. She loves it. She asks if she can keep it, he says, “yes.” He says, “I have a question. Will you stay on the island with me?” The season ends with the two of them looking into each others eyes. Fans will need to wait for Katie’s answer. I think she stays. There is no denying, Katie and Lou are in love.

What do you think? Does Katie stay on the island with Lou?

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