I wanted to share this with you all, my favorite alien abduction story, and arguably the most famous. This information is a result of research of multiple sights, and a documentary watched featuring the men's verbal testimony to the incident. Some of the information I found conflicted, I went with wikipedia's information and the documentary's information in such cases.

Travis Walton was a logger in Snowflake, Arizona in 1975. He was working on a crew of 6, where his best friend, Mike Rogers was the boss. They worked very long hours, and often didn't head home until sunset, all in Mike Rogers truck. It was such an evening when they noticed the light. They could see the light above the tree tops. Thinking it was perhaps a forest fire, they went to investigate.

What they found was a silver disc-shaped object, hovering not far from the ground. According to all witnesses, Travis jumped out as soon as the truck skidded to a stop. He began walking closer to investigate the hovering object. According to the men, the disc was terrifyingly beautiful. One stated, "Prettier than a brand new corvette!"

They yelled for Travis to return, but he didn't. He continued approaching, and the disc began to rotate. The next thing they a knew, a blue light had literally been shot from the disc, and zapped Travis. It threw him several feet back. Terrified and believing Travis dead, Mike Rogers took off in fear for their lives, leaving Travis behind.

After driving a ways down the road, Mike pulled over. The men began discussing just what they'd seen. After some arguing, it was decided Mike was going back to get Travis, his best friend. The rest of the men could either stand on the side of the road and wait, or go with him. They opted to go with him, and all five headed back to the clearing. They searched the whole area, but could find no sign of Travis.

They headed back into town shell-shocked and still trying to wrap their minds around what they'd seen. They knew they had to report Travis as a missing person. They contacted the local sheriff and reluctantly told their story. Local law enforcement didn't believe their story, they thought more likely the men had killed Travis, or perhaps a logging accident had occurred. The next day, a massive manhunt was underway.

Volunteers, law enforcement, and blood hounds scoured the clearing and surrounding areas where the men had been the previous night. Mike Rogers was also present for the manhunt. He claims to have seen a few men with handheld meters walking around the area. When approached them, they said they were looking for signs of radiation. Mike asked them to scan him, and they did, but no radiation was detected. Thinking he had bathed and that could be the reason, he ran to get their hard hats that hadn't been washed. When the men scanned the hard hats, Mike said the meters began to register, making noise. Mike walked off, and began to inquire about them, who were now nowhere to be found. But nobody seemed to know who they were, or where the men had come from.

The manhunt continued, but no sign of Travis Walton was found. The men had agreed to take a lie detector test, and specialist was brought in to administer it. All the men passed, with the exception of one, Dalis. He had been very noncompliant during the test, and had not wanted to take it in the first place. It was well known the he and Travis had butted heads during the job. His test results were inconclusive.

The media was in a frenzy over the case, and it was known all over the world by the time. However, 5 days into the incident, Travis reappeared. He stated he awoke on the highway, feeling very groggy and weak. He made his down the highway until he came to a town and a pay phone. From that phone he called his brother, who picked him up and eventually took him to be evaluated at a hospital.

The ER doctor that evaluated Travis also told of his memories on the documentary. He stated he remember Travis and having examined him. He remembered there being no obvious signs of trauma except a puncture wound to his arm. An area that looked much like he'd had blood drawn from the site. He also stated Travis looked a bit zoned out, as if he had suffered a major trauma.

Travis was over time subjected to hypnosis and polygraph tests. During hypnosis, he revealed some startling things. He remember waking up, hurting all over. He couldn't see well, but thought he was on a gurney in a hospital due to the bright lights above him. He saw "people" standing back from the gurney, and noted a heavy circular object on his chest. As things slowly came into focus, he realized he was staring at beings and not people. Absolutely terrified, and in throes of a flight or fight response, Travis claimed to have thrown the object off his chest, jumped up and grabbed an object as a weapon. He stood swinging at the creatures, and defending himself.

The beings eventually turned and left the room through a doorway. As soon as they were gone, Travis exited the same doorway but turned the opposite direction of the beings, desperately searching for a way out. He came upon another room, dark with a chair in the middle. The ceiling and surrounding areas were pitch black, with tiny points of light, much resembling space. He worked his way into the room and eventually sat in the chair. Hoping the controls would lead to a way out, he began punching some of the buttons, and manipulating the control. He stated most seemed to do nothing, but when he manipulated it one way, the tiny spots of light in the room seemed to blur.

He then noticed someone in the doorway, someone human. He was elated and rushed to person in the space suit, and began begging them to get him out. The person refused to answer him though. He stated to all general appearances, this was another human, but something was just a bit off about the eyes. He continued to ask the person questions, while the person led him through the spacecraft. He eventually gave up with talking, and just continued to follow. He was led through a doorway that opened into what looked like a hanger, full of the same disc-shaped crafts he'd seen in the woods.

The person led him through and into another room, where two other "humans" were waiting. He began to get a bit panicked as they led him to lay on a table and began restraining him. But it was too late, and the next thing Travis remembered was waking up on the highway.

Though some sites disagree, according to Wikipedia and the documentary, Travis Walton failed his first polygraph test. He claims it was due to the hostile nature and aggressive behavior of the person administering the test. He later took two polygraph tests and passed them both. According to friends and family, he was never the same again. Allen Dalis, Travis's co-worker who had initially had an inconclusive polygraph test, agreed to take the test again, and passed.

So, here we have 6 people all witness to a UFO, an actual abduction corroborated by these witnesses, and all of them passing a polygraph test. But many people still do not believe, though nearly 40 years later the men's story has not changed a bit. One of the local law enforcement who had been present for the whole occurrence and had given the men a particularly hard time, doesn't believe to this day.

As for myself, I believe them. After watching the documentary, and seeing these older men and their emotional reactions to their own story, I believe them. I don't think one of them weren't still haunted by that day. As for you, watch this incredible story, and see if you believe!

A link to the documentary:

Also watch "Fire in the Sky." A full-length hollywood rendition of the account. It doesn't always match up with the actual story, but still a good movie.