Separation, divorce or annulment of marriages are so common now in this generation. In fact, many couples ended up broken hearted with just so pity reasons. The four most common reasons why couples quarrel and ending up to separation or divorce are the following:

I. Money Matters

Unbelievable but true is that, love vanishes when financial hardships confronts couples. The traditional way is no longer applicable where it is usually the woman who hundles the funds of the family. Now, especially if both are employed or earning, the practice is to each his own and they would assign which bill or expenses will be shouldered by one and by the other.

Distrust begins when doubt sets in, just like when either of the couple earn so much but both are not open with each other.

II. In-Laws Influence

As it has also been written in the Holy Scriptures, seldom will there be good and lasting relationships between in-laws. Each one's side has each one to say against the other's side. Often times, it is where conflict commences and if not patched up right away could lead to the couple's parting their ways.

III. Third Party

With all the surrounding temptations, weak foundation of the couple's relationship could easily ruin them. The dwindling values or virtues of people nowadays is a threat indeed. Many married individuals and even singles are no longer cautious in entering into love relationships. So long as they feel something which often times being falsely called love even if it is only lust, easily jumps into it without considering the consequences and who could be hurt.

IV. Relationship Not Founded on God or Love

God is love. Without God in a relationship is equivalent to the absence of a true love. In effect, whe attraction fades, the relationship becomes dull and boring. The tendency is to part ways than to suffer long being with a person whom you will tend to hate already as there is no longer electric current that is being felt whenever they are together.

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