A short story based on a true incident, let me take you back to the heady days of free love and Rock & Roll to the summer of 69

It was the summer of 69, she was just one of the many that had watched and listened with awe, along with 150,000 others, to the likes of Jefferson Airplane, T. Rex, The Move, Pretty Things, Joe Cocker, The Who and Bob Dylan.

The place was Wotton on the Isle of Wight the date August 30th 1969.

She was a sheer vision of exquisiteness, as she tilted her head to take in the beauty of the flower, thrown to her by Bob Dylan, whilst he sang She belongs to me, the sunlight danced in her hair, as if attracted to her by her charismatic aura, she sat there contemplating the purity of the flower and his music, and became locked into a world of her own, the beat of the music pounding along with the beat of her heart.

Dylan had said, when asked why he agreed to came to the Isle of Wight and not Woodstock, I wanted to see the birthplace of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, because I was just curious.

She had been taking a course of Native American healing, and had taken time off to attend the festival, the air was heavy with the sweet tang of Hashish, and this was her first experience away from her course to the reality of the freedom of love and peace as she melded to this unique occurrence.

Suddenly a figure appeared before her in the haze, he was tall a little disheveled his shirt open to his waist revealing a slight but masculine physique, an inhibited smile drew across his face, I want to dance with you, he said, you were born to dance, and you were born to dance with me.

The strains of Highway 61 Revisited wafted over her as she stood up, he took her flower and placed it in her hair, holding out an outstretch hand he pulled her into him, she would never forget the next two days , moved by the music , swayed by his charms the summer of 69 will live in her memory forever. Slowly she opened her eyes, around her were the other members of her healing group, it was 2011. Had it had all been a figment of her imagination, a trip she had taken whilst in her meditated state?

She was a child of the 60s but a woman of today, her hand went to sweep back her hair, a pink blossom fell to floor, she smiled, and promised herself she would return to that summer of 69.

If you are old enough to remember the summer of 69, I hope these brought happy memories of those times.
If you are too young to know, I hope this gives you an insight into that time of free love and Rock & Roll

And finally some lyrics from The Grateful Dead, song Thats It for the Other One

Escaping through the lily fields
I came across an empty space
It trembled and exploded
Left a bus stop in its place
The bus came by and I got on
Thats when it all began

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Are_You_Experienced_-_US_cover-edit.jpg Johnnydod 2013

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