The Community Challenge events at Neopets are always fun to join in on and some of them yield some great prizes like the Bagel With Scream Cheese that was given out with the Dracula's Maze Game. I started buying tons of them when they were selling for 2K and now the lowest price I have seen them is in the 50K range.

This is not the first time that they have had a Smurfs promo, the last one was searching for Smurfs in a park and it was extremely easy. This time around you play a game called Whack-A-Naughty. I managed to get 1,000NP for each game so it was an easy 3K plus I contributed to the community challenge. Smurfette's Clean Up runs extremely slow for me and I could only collect two orbs. Looks like I am going to really bomb on this game.

Game Portal:

Smurfette's Clean Up: Mission


Both games can take a little extra time to load so if you have a slow connection you might want to play the low resolution versions.

Apparently the game started some time in June but I never saw it advertised until it was in the Neopets News. If it is correct then I missed the first two prizes in the series and will probably miss out on getting the grand prize at the end. That kind of blows because I didn't see any mention of it anywhere on the site, if they would have announced it in the news I would have been playing the games (and failing at Smurfette's Clean Up) all along.

If the grand prize is decent I will snag a couple when the event wraps up but if they are Smurf related like last time I will probably pass on hoarding them.

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