The famous inventor Benjamin Franklin is popularly remembered for his contributions to the industrial revolution era with the Armonica, the Franklin Stove, the Lightening Rod, the Bifocal Eyeglass Lens, the Map of the Golf Stream, the Odometer,and Daylight Savings Time.

Benjamin Franklin was no less than a productive member of society in his time and one might wonder just how he managed to keep himself psychologically prepared to succeed in his many accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Benjamin Franklin had a personal improvement system that he called the 13 virtues which he lived his life by keeping himself well disciplined and tuned for success.

The 13 Virtues Of Benjamin Franklin:

1). Temperance: (all things in moderation) 2). Silence: (Speak only when value can be contributed) 3). Order: (Both time and things have their proper places) 4). Resolution: (Resolve to perform and perform what has been resolved) 5). Frugality: (Waste nothing) 6). Industry: (Always be employed in something productive) 7). Sincerity: (Use no hurtful deceit) 8). Justice: (Wrong no one) 9). Moderation: (Avoid extremes) 10). Cleanliness: (Keep oneself and environment well groomed) 11). Tranquility: (Do not allow anything to overwhelm you) 12). Chasity: (Use sexual indulgence cautiously) 13). Humility: (Imitate Jesus and Socrates)

These are the principles that ruled Benjamin Franklin's very existence and his self discipline in these areas of his life probably has much to do with his many enjoyed successes. His 13 virtues are something that we all could examine ourselves of and if necessary perhaps apply to our personal improvement techniques as we push onward toward success in our own lives.