Each Goliath does have a David and in the case of the SIII is that the much-discussed phenomenon SDS . This stands for Sudden Death Syndrome , and means that you SIII actually turns into an expensive brick. Regardless of whether your phone now retted or not. It happens naturally and on a completely random time of day . Whether you're charging or leave it just gets out of your pocket to check the time. Him all night Suddenly there is nothing to catch your SIII . More Remove the battery and insert back , boot into recovery and download mode ... All attempts to get the device back to its disappointing and get nothing out .

Which devices are affected ?

Can be deduced that it occurs mostly between 150 and 200 days after activation of the device and the 16GB range . From the many comments from people who have for this (including myself ) There are numerous sites with several pages where you can about this phenomenon . They read Look for example at XDA or AppleInsider .

After investigation it appears that there is a problem in the firmware of the motherboard is causing the smartphone completely crashes . It is speculated that the chip has something to do with it would have . Meanwhile, a developer already an app placed in the Play Store to easily check which firmware version you are running and what chip you have. So you can find out whether you 'danger ' runs .

No official response from Samsung , but a fix ?

Samsung has not released any official , complete statement , but a spokeswoman called Anne ter Braak mentions that the problem is indeed a firmware bug and that it is a select group of SIII with 16GB would relate . But despite the serious bug would be a simple OTA ( Over The Air ) or SELECT update should resolve as can be TechInfo2 , The Standard and Tweakers read the problem

In this thread on XDA is the state of affairs of the fix and what to do is briefly summarized :

"The" Sudden Death "issue is Caused by firmware on the ( 16GB ) VTU00M , revision 0xf1 eMMC ( Embedded MultiMedia Card or internal memory if you like ) . Samsung Kernel Source Code ( Update 7 ) leg has identified as the fix. There is still no evidence That the latest sboot bootloader addresses this issue .

Although we are still not quite 100% Certain this will all preventable S3's suffering the SDS ( predisposition to the fault etc ) , to the best of our knowledge it does. Even if it does not fully fix it, its closer to a fix and safer than older versions , so if its within your Means To do so , an update would be advised . Please do not panic . If it 's going to happen , it's going to happen and that's that. It will be repaired under warranty . I had to use a Bold 9000 for 7 days Whilst mine was repaired "

The fix should fix the crash but then again ensures that there are freezes occur as users .