Guild wars 2 was a fun game. The key word being 'was'. When it first launched, it was addictive with a vibrant and large world full of lore and stuff to do aside from the story quest. However, once you finished the story, there became a huge lack of things to do. Especially if players lacked people to play with. Sure, there was the option to farm legendaries, do jumping puzzles, PvP and run dungeons for gear. However, what happens when players have been there and done that? You stop playing and wait for an expansion.

In an interview with Colin Johanson, the Guild Wars 2 game director, he announced that while an expansion may be in the cards for the future, it definitely was not in development now. Instead, they are opting to keep working on their living world aspect that creates an ever changing world with events and stories. That is a great concept for people who still play it, as they have stuff to do yet. However, when players get bored, they stop playing and because Guild Wars 2 has no subscription fee stop in occasionally. There within lies the problem with the living world.

If you miss a living world event, there is no going back and doing it. Even if you did log on to complete it, there is really no useful awards to strive for. MMO players almost always want one thing and one thing only as a reward--Gear. These living world events lack gear, though does give cosmetic gear.

Without any new expansions, there is no incentive to log on again. If you have a legendary weapon and the top of the line gear, why get on if there is no better gear to get? Hopefully, if ArenaNet decides not to do an expansion, they will at least release a living story event that presents opportunity for new and better gear, an opportunity that players can actually do if they miss the event.

Personally, I would like to see more elder dragons, I had thought they would save them for expansions. However, they must be in the living story cards somewhere.

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