The Picture People nightmare!

It is absolutely exhausting taking a two year old to get pictures taken. Grammy is in town and she is paying so who am I to argue. Here is a step by step synopsis of my morning.

Obstacle #1: Getting mommy and baby ready to go. I don’t get it; I shower, throw on a nice shirt and pants, put on a tie and make sure my hair is not standing straight up. I do all this in about a ten minute time frame. I pack the baby diapers juice and let her pick a toy. Then I pray mommy is within an hour of being ready.

Obstacle #2: It’s a Sunday and evidently ten other families decided to go through the horror of picture taking as well. Unfortunately there are only 2 people working there, and they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. By the way I’ve never seen a chicken run around with his head cut off, but I like the expression.

Obstacle #3: The photo shoot! She is two years old. If you are not a Disney Princess, she is not doing to sit still for you! Also we initially got a photographer who has never seen a two year old before and therefore had no idea how to handle her. Luckily, mommy and daddy were able to trick her into taking a few decent pictures. In fact I’m thinking I should change my profession. If there is one thing I have a talent for, aside from music, it’s making babies and children laugh at me.

Obstacle #4: PICKING THE PICTURES! This is a process where the photographer shows you 600 amazing pictures of you beautiful child, and then tries to trade three of them for your car. OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but not much. Luckily I opted out of this, and left it up to mommy and grams to decide. Instead I spent this time making sure my daughter wasn’t running into other peoples photo shoots. Good thing she didn’t, we would have probably ended up buying those pictures too.

What a horrible way to spend my Sunday morning. But the pictures are beautiful!