yaho~~ Here is pikapika~~ Will post another article~ well, I dont know if this will be pika's last post for tonight? or what?~~

Hm~ This is another Story about Pikas PokeWorld~ So, PokeFans! Its the time! Lets Volt in!~~ yay!~ tanan tan tanan! tan tan!~~

Lord Helix~ wah! The god of all grace! The one who gives blessings!~ Well~ It started at TPP (Twitch Plays: Pokemon) a "single" game played by 34 million Pokemon Fans using commands in a chatroom~ Now, its origin was in the "Helix Fossil" at Mt. Moon~ The fans had to choose between the Helix Fossil and the Dome Fossil, and majority chose, the "Helix Fossil"

Since the game was controlled by Millions of players (imagine a 34M PokeFans should cooperate!), with different key functions (using the chatroom pika) they will always accidentally click the "Helix Fossil" at the players bag, and Professor Oaks lines will wildly appear! "RED, This isnt the Time... blabla!" Until then, they will always confront the the "item", and luckily, some good fortunes will come! waaah~~~ And they called it, the "Lord Helix Fossil"~~

After some time, the fossil was revived and became an OMANYTE (he has no nickname). This Omanyte has been the center of attention of all, and every players will thank him every time good things will happen.~~ He was like the "creator" of all! But in bad times, they will blame it to the Dark Lord, The counterpart~~ The Dark Dome Fossil! gwaaaa!~~

And thus, the Lord Helix' story started~ Now, it has been added to an internet meme

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