It's no secret that my house is haunted. It was built in 1763 and is one of the oldest houses in my city. We have all had many paranormal experiences that ranged from benign to terrifying. My son-in-law and I actually saw the same full bodied apparition of an older woman with long salt and pepper hair and dressed in a long white night dress that appeared to be from the early 1800's. She was not frightening at all and never made eye contact with either one of us. It really freaked my son-in-law out so I quickly calmed him down and told him not to panic as she was once a living person just as we are. She is just in a different plain of existence now.

So last night as my wife and I were eating supper, someone knocked on our front door. I still have staples and ster-istrips in my back from surgery and I cannot get up very quickly so my wife got up to answer the door. It is only about 15 feet from our kitchen to the front door and can be walked there in seconds. When my wife got to the front door and opened it . . . no one was there! She went outside and looked both ways down the street and absolutely no one was in sight. We live on the corner of two streets and the front of our house faces the busy street. There is no way on earth that someone could walk or run away that fast and not be seen. It would be impossible. I called my daughter who lives upstairs and asked her if she heard someone knocking on the front door? She said; "No I didn't."

My Yorkshire terrier was sitting next to me and when the knock happened he started barking like he always does and ran to the front door. He heard it too. All I can say is Touche ghost's . .touche! I guess the ghostly Halloween pranks have started. How do you prank a ghost back? Hmmmmmm . . .? Hope Y'all have an awesome day today!