We all walk around, think about everything and do a series of stuff everyday. We eat, sleep, go to work, talk with friends... But, there is one thing that we all do which is really important. We do this action almost every single second and this is important because when we work with it we can literally change our lives.

Yes, you are right. We breath! But we never pay attention to our breath. We ignore it. You see, understanding how your breath is at each time can give you important information about you and your state of being. Even more, if you start working with your breath you can do miraculous things into your life like thinking in a better manner, having a less stressful life, being energised and being one of the clever guys thinking out of the box with great ideas and being successful.

The first thing that someone can do is to try and notice his/her breath every now and then. How is your breath? Deep? Shallow? This state indicates if you are in stress and generally if you are in a good path in your life. Take a deep breath if you are in stress. Researches discovered that is impossible to be in a deep breathing state and at the same time being stressed! Wonderful isn't it?!

Last thing, try to close your eyes for 5 minutes a day. Try to notice your breath, don't control it. Just notice it! Something magical will take place. Your mind will clear up and you will now be able to think smarter. That is one of the strongest and easiest meditations available. Try to increase your time from 5 minutes to 20 minutes as you get familiar with this exercise. You will be surprised!

Have a wonderful day and keep breathing deep! :o)

( Image source: http://365daysofhealthfitness.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/january-25-take-deep-breath.html )