Escape artisans should not be so proud of themselves. Why? Because an orangutan can also do their simple trick of lock picking. Yes, you read it right, an orangutan that lock picks his cage to escape. Fu Manchu, an orangutan in Omaha Zoo manages to escape again and again that makes the caretakers of the zoo go furious because they know that they lock the doors of this monkey's cage. So they don't have an idea how this creature escapes inside that locked cage. Until someone observed the monkey for 24 hours and figured out how he was doing it. First he climbed to the air vents the he yanked on the door to place a little gap to release his hand outside and at that point, he will slip a wire and unhook the latch and voila! He happily escapes his cage and hides his "master key" in his mouth so that he can use it again on other escaping time.

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