Tonight a little old man knocked on my door. Well, actually it was my window. I was sitting in my dining room writing on Bubblews when I heard "knock, knock, knock." I turned around to see a man standing at my front door. People rarely knock on my door that I'm not expecting; the rest are salespeople. I opened the door, and in broken English the man asked to call his son. At first I was hesitant. There are so many horror stories about people using phones to call other countries, or doing other crazy things with them, but here was this little man, doing his best to explain that he had gone to the store and gotten lost. He had no phone, and needed to call his son to come pick him up.

Anyways, this all got me thinking...we are so afraid of each other these days. We are bombarded on a regular basis with the horror stories of all the things that can go wrong, we forget all the things that can go right. All I did tonight was lend a stranger my phone. I hope if I were ever in a similar situation that someone would do the same for me.

#laurawithlove #kindness #strangers