On Saturday evening I was treated to a meal in the taverna by a fisherman friend. Recently I recounted how this particular friend has taken to giving up everything remotely edible http://www.bubblews.com/news/2463355-get-thee-to-a-nunnery

He was in danger of becoming what we call here a xhortofagos, or vegetarian, though in his case he had taken it a bit too far and had eschewed most foods in favour of xhorta. Xhorta is a dish of wild bitter greens which are boiled to a soggy consistency and then livened up with olive oil and lemon juice. It is not remotely appealing to the discerning palate, but goes down well in wartime when people are starving.

Last night I was pleased to notice that the xhorta phase seemed to have passed as he ordered chicken. As I laughed that the vegetarian phase was obviously over I was contradicted by both the fisherman and the taverna owner. Collectively they both insisted that chicken is not meat but a vegetable.

They explained to me that pork is meat, but chicken is not. Likewise lamb is not meat, but a vegetable. There really is no arguing with such ridiculous but firmly held beliefs which leave me living in a parallel universe.

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