I have read nearly every single article on the front page since I've joined Bubblews, and I've even tested this theory myself in a few posts (not expecting to get to the first page) and it's actually true...

But anyways, if you read all the front page articles, you'll notice that about 80% of these articles can be put in two groups. These two groups include articles about Bubblews, and articles about making money. Posting about these two topics usually have a great turn out, if and only if you post them at a decent time, and you have decent connections that enjoy reading your articles already.

The key to the front page, from my research, is having a lot of connections. But not just any connections, good ones with whom you interact with often, and a post about either Bubblews and/or money. Now, I'm not posting this to get on the front page, this is just an observation that I was wondering if anyone else had observed?

photo by: telligent.com

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