During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim people all over the World fast from dawn to dusk and offer prayers to God.

This holy month has many important lessons for everyone to learn whatever may be a person's religion.

This month teaches Mankind the biggest lessons of Self-control and Self-discipline.

People strictly follow the rules and duties prescribed in the holy Quran. They refrain from any kind of wrong-doings and devout their time in praying to God and in helping the less-fortunate ones.

Another very important duty to be done during the holy month of Ramadan is Charity. Charity is the noblest of all actions. Nearly 10% of a person's annual income should be donated for the cause of the poor, sick and needy, which in my opinion every human being should follow.

As expatriates in this beautiful Island country, we feel very good during the festive month of Ramadan. Reduced working hours followed by Id [festival] holidays brings smile on everyone's face. This time of the year, the shopping malls flourish in business with discounts to attract buyers.

May this holy month bring peace, happiness and prosperity to my country of residence, The Kingdom of Bahrain.

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