A family of over 40 relatives have been found in appalling squalor in a remote valley in Australia. When police found them they realised that many of the children were so handicapped and disfigured they could see that it had been caused through inbreeding within the family. Evidently brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles were all said to have had sex with each other and produced over 40 in the family.

The family started off with just one brother and sister setting up 'house' together. Over the years each child that was born was then placed with another to produce more offspring. The family were found south of Sidney, about 20 miles out in scrub land.

As the judge of the case has lifted restrictions, more facts have emerged about this bizarre family, that resembles the movies The Hills Have Eyes. So far, the judge has given them a new name, Colt to hide their identities.

The group which consists of Rhonda, 47, Martha who is 33, and another woman named Betty, 46, slept with Charlie their brother.

Betty's son Bobby is so disabled he cannot even talk, and suffers with psoriasis. Martha's sons also have medical problems. They have now been placed with trauma treatment programs, and others with foster families.

The rest of the twisted family are in custody, but there is no more information at the moment.

And there's you all thinking that those in the film Hills Have Eyes are just make believe??


photos courtesy of www.dailystar.co.uk