Is more healthy salad, and it all 47 nutrients that our bodies need: Get the world's only pizza is not only wrong, but perfectly balanced nutritionally

For many of us it sounds like a distant dream, but studies prove that it really is pure: Prof. English diet could invent pizza is not just healthy, but perfectly nutritionally balanced and contains all 47 nutrients that our bodies need. Yes, pizza is more healthy salad .

Well, when we say salad we do not mean salad you chop nice and fresh at home, but the salad kind of store-bought, but still: salads purchased are usually rich in carbohydrates and high in fat and poor in protein, and are completely absent and important vitamins and minerals, and distributor of Professor Mike Lean, expert obesity University of Glasgow, has all the essential ingredients. "This is the only meal prepared nutritionally balanced," said Professor Lin. "No one has ever planned a meal that could, nutritionally, just the right proportions., And the truth is I'm pretty proud of it."

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So how do you make a pizza, which is a block of salt and fat, nutritional model? Excellent question. Professor Lin helped entrepreneur adventurer named Donnie MacLean, who provided him the main brilliance: seaweed. Basic algae are the most nutritious, rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and iodine, and put them in the way pizza was discovered fairly simple - Professor just grinding them into the dough. Slightly salty taste enabled him to understate the amount of salt in the recipe, contributing to health itself. The problem of vitamins, especially vitamin C, solved two with red pepper - food very rich in this vitamin - added tomato sauce. Cheese, for those wondering, remained mozzarella. The result: a 23 cm pizza, which provides a third of the recommended daily calories (600 in number) and third dietary components. Other words - three pizzas such a day, and perfect your diet (assuming, of course, you do not eat anything in between).

Pizza sold in Scotland for several months, and is currently starting to pop up on the shelves in Italy. Buy it frozen and it costs 3.5 pounds (nearly 20 dollars), which is a bit more normal frozen pizza. As Professor Lynn says: "This frozen pizza, but it looks, smells and will taste just as good as any other frozen pizza."

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