I am a procrastinator by nature, so I apologize if this is a week (oops, almost two!) late.

One of my favorite shows is A&E's "The Glades". I have been a loyal viewer since the very first episode. I grew to "know" the characters - Jim and Callie - and prayed one day they would realize their feelings for one another. They did, eventually, and Season three ended with the cliffhanger of Jim on one knee, and Callie hesitating.

I just KNEW season four would be mind blowing, and I was not disappointed. As the season progressed, I figured that the finale would be the wedding, and previews confirmed that hunch. Knowing how the show usually goes, I assumed that the season finale would be the wedding day, with Jim trying to get the pre-wedding stuff accomplished while solving a case. Again, I was not disappointed.

I am, however, a little upset with the "cliffhanger" ending of season four.

Spoiler Alert - in case there are people that procrastinate more than I do

During the last ten minutes of the show, we see Jim setting up a romantic surprise for his bride to be - a new house, complete with rose petals and a bottle of champagne. The wedding is about to begin, and the wedding party is a little concerned Jim isn't there yet. Just as Jim puts the finishing touches on, and places the champagne in the refrigerator, he hears a noise. Calling out to see who is there, we hear gun shots... and then Jim collapses on the floor with two bullet wounds, bleeding out... aaand, roll credits.

That makes for one heck of a finale, pretty much guaranteeing that A&E will have people perched on the edge of their seats just WAITING for season five - so we can find out if Jim lives, who shot Jim, and whether the wedding is able to actually happen.

That is, except for one little problem. Six days after the finale aired, A&E decided that there just was no reason to keep The Glades on their schedule... and cancelled the show.

Yes, I'm angry. I at least want closure, answers to my questions. I'm a little miffed at the network for not having the decency and respect for their viewers to cap this off. I mean, when Medium was cancelled (the final time, anyway) mid-season, that network gave us a "wrap up" episode, that kind of finalized everything and didn't leave the viewers with unanswered questions.

There is a petition floating around, and we (the loyal fans of The Glades) are hoping that another network - preferably USA - will pick the show up where it left off and give us a few more seasons - or at least answers to our burning questions.