In 1681 in Durham County, England, James Graeme claimed to have been attacked by the gruesome ghost of a young woman. He claimed she had several open wounds on her head, and was soaked with blood. Her name was Anne Walker. She told him she had been murdered, that Mark Sharp had killed her with a pickax.

She claimed that Mark Sharp had been directed to kill her by another relative of hers, and her body placed in a pit. A relative, (also by the name of Walker), who was responsible for her pregnancy. She told Graeme he was to tell the magistrate of this, or else she would be back.

But Graeme did not listen, and the hideous apparition appeared two more times before he finally told his story to the magistrate. The magistrate then located a pit that had been identified by the apparition. In the pit, they found the remains of Anne Walker.

These two men, Sharp and Walker, were arrested and tried for the murder of Anne Walker. They were found guilty, and eventually hanged for their heinous crime. The spirit of Anne Walker was never heard from again!

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