Biologists define life forms [ Human beings included] as self-organizing systems regulating internal environments to maintain their organizational state, the metabolism serves to provide the energy and the reproduction allows all to continue the evolution process.

Ever since the dawn of civilization mankind has been searching for the answers to all of life's questions. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What is the reason to live? What are we living for? What is the value of life? These questions have influenced every generation of man. It is how we interpret and play out these questions that determine mans fate. So often through interpretation man has caused horrific damage to humanity and nature. A great truth today, from mans miss guided interpretation of life's questions has wrought our planet with almost irrevocable damage making all life forms that inhabit earth to suffer greatly.

Are we destined to be the architects of total annihilation of life on earth or is man on a more constructive path toward harmony with one another and nature? At this moment in time both are being played out on earths stage. The intensity of mans conflicts resonates around the world leaving no doubt of their horrific carnage against man only to escalate into more destruction against humanity and nature. The other scenario playing out, people all over are witnessing societies generosity and constructive side in the aftermath of catastrophic natural disasters where whole populations gather up what they can in supplying relief to these stricken populations who are so devastated. It is this type of authentic construction in interpretation of life's questions that enables civilizations to not only rise above adversity but to actually thrive.

Through-out history we have witnessed these two sides of society being played out. The destructive path of man and the constructive side simultaneously occurring in various locations around the world. In each passing generation mankind's destructive side has only amplified the degree of devastation and atrocities against society and nature incapacitating mans constructive will to overcome all that was destroyed. If mankind fails to stops all that is being destroyed no amount of construction will ever be able to replace the devastation that is caused by some of man's thirst for power, control or monetary gains. Un-checked greed through-out history total civilizations have fallen, caused extinction of life forms and have made our planet more volatile. [ The recent earthquakes in Japan, Haiti, Chile, and Turkey are testament to the volatility of our planet ]

It is now time for nations societies to eradicate the mass destruction against humanity and nature so that our planet will regain it's natural balance and restore every society to peace, harmony and prosperity. To continue as we are without an authentic sincere approach in construction of all societies around the world mankind's destructive side will undoubtedly bring Armageddon closer to a reality.