[Note: Although I enjoy producing projects, even if they earn no money for me personally, I have a limited amount of time to spend between them. Although I enjoy creating this site, it has not produced any visitors. For this reason, I have decided to cancel it for now. Some of the pictures will continue to be available on Flickr]

I have started yet another project. I have started taking photography with my iPhone. Always a story teller by nature, for this project I have created a free website under the fictitious name of Brenda Shule to post these photographs to. But do not worry, my name appears in a part of the website address as well as in the copyright notice to avoid confusion over the creator/owner of the photos and website.

The character of Brenda Shule is a 36 year old artist who has decided to get into photography. Like myself, she begins this adventure knowing almost nothing about the practice. Although she has done her fair shore of paintings and drawings, she has never bothered to take the time to learn the principles of photography. She is unfamiliar with the terminology and the practice of manipulating light for effect. The website will act as a visual kind of evolution of her, and my own, practice. You will note that I have manipulated some of the photos as much as my limited computer will allow for artistic effect.

Although I have created this website as a project for posting these photos, no doubt I will share some of them from time to time here as well. The first, of course, is the image above.

Image: “Walker,” by myself

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