Another fruit from our backyard trees is a Santol fruit. Santol fruit is also known as sour apple or cotton fruit(wikipedia).

We have two different trees of Santol which bears different kind of Santol fruits. One is a Bangkok santol and the other one I don't know the name but it's like an ordinary Santol fruit which are sour. The color of the fruits vary from yellow to brown and yellow green.

The way to eat the Santol fruit is by peeling the outside covering or rind which is more likely thick or thin. It depends on the fruit. Sometimes people eat the inner most part of the rind. Sipping the pulp of the seeds is the usual way of eating this fruit. The pulp is sweeter or maybe sour because there are different kinds of Santol fruit. The what we called Bangkok Santols are the one which is sweeter and more popular to eat here in the Philippines. The other one is more sour and also used as ingredients in other dishes like sinigang(vinegar/tamarind stew). We usually make this dish with tamarind but can also be made with alternative fruits with sour flavor like santol.

The very important thing to remember here is to never eat the seed of it. It is not edible and may be dangerous to our intestines. We only get the pulp of it. In the photo, the fruit is not yet totally ripe due to it's color. It is still green turning into yellowish one. The ripe one was already peeled of in the next photo.

Here is the photo of Santol peeled and cut into parts. I ate this one. Have you tasted or eaten a Santol Fruit before? How was it? Did you like it?

Photos: originally taken by cessivy
2013 copyright cessivy