According to an article on, rumors are circulating about the imminent professional demise of one of the conservative movement’s biggest mouth pieces: Sean Hanity.

According to the report, Megan Kelly is set to replace the controversial and polarizing talk show host in the coveted 9pm time slot, while fellow radio talk show personality, Michael Savage, is assuring everyone that he will be taking over Hanity’s afternoon drive spot on radio.

If the rumors are true, then this is another sign that the far-right and Tea Party elements of the party may be losing its influence. The Republican leader had already outlined a major overhaul of the party platform in the wake of Romney’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of Barack Obama; now it seems that they are even willing to ditch some of their most vocal proponents to increase their chances of winning the White House in 2016: Right-wing talk radio hosts.

However, their plans may backfire. Hanity is still the most popular talk show host in prime time and his followers may revolt and move father to the right, especially in the South—the area that has consistently prevented Republicans from fielding a candidate moderate enough to be palatable to independents—the demographic they need to win back the White House.

Call me cynical, but I think all the talk about reforming the Republican Party, and therefore their message, is a carefully coordinated plot to snooker the electorate into voting for them; once in office, they’ll continue their policy of exclusion and intolerance.

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