With increasing cold is spreading everywhere on earth. Fog gives a feeling of clouds. Guys, air, rail, road transport derail are many variations of the fog. Get a daily rate pause about the fog and its various forms ..

What is Fog?

In winter the earth's surface moisture in the warm air above the cold air up of layers deposited. The process condensate (Condation) is called. When it gets too heavy condensation of water and little - little drops start to change. These droplets on the surrounding cold air coming into the snake begins to look like a cloud of smoke. Weather Scientifically it is called fog. Fog visibility of 1000 meters is considered normal. When visibility is 50 meters or less, then it starts to affect people's life.

By sprinkling of silver iodide or calcium chloride can be used to reduce fog. This in fog water drops fall on the ground and clear the air is.

GPS and Technology CDM can be avoided by using fog. GPS Technology CDM for trains and air traffic technology that is used Kolabretiv Decision Making. Information required under the CDM are delivered through a special software, so much fog to help control the flights.

In cities, villages and towns that appear in the layer of fog than layers of thick fog. The dust and smoke particles in the air are high, which consist of fog particles present in the water, making it more deeply.

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