Have you ever dream that it seems so real?

The zombies penetrated my cerebral cortex again last night, the scenario's seems so real. In my dream, the scene was taken in a very wide farm and i don't know any of those people and then there was a child that was carried by her mother, the child was looking ill after he was found unconscious on the river side with a bite on his hands, the child woke up and the mother was so happy when suddenly the child attacks its mother and the mother was infected so fast. I run for my life and ride on a very nice car, i think it was the same car that the "transporter" use in his movie, it was an Audi A8L. The funny part is that we were leaving on a farm, and i found this $120,000 car on the garage.

It was so fast and the next scene i was in Vegas and the place was a total wreck. The government issues a full military strike against those zombies. Every living thing they bite turns like them. i was crying because i saw my mom, dad, cousins, sisters turned into zombies, and they plead to me to end them, i was crying so hard in my dream, i was about to run them over and suddenly i woke up, with tears in my eyes. My sister who is sleeping over woke me up!!

It was so real!! I usually dreams a lot, like i was a super-hero with powers, or a kick-ass agent.

Sweet DReams Bubblers!

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