The discovery of the largest volcano in the deep sea  

It is a very huge volcano lies in the depths of the ocean and spewing millions of tons of molten lava .. ....

Sea World is full of wonders , and as long as scientists uncover the secrets of the depths of the luminous creatures and fish and strange beings live in the ocean .. But today we discover the largest volcano on earth .. Scientists have recently discovered (September / September 2013 ) , an enormous volcano called Tamu Massif equivalent to an area of 120 thousand square miles For comparison , the largest volcano before the discovery of Tamu Massif , the volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii, which does not exceed an area of two thousand square miles and age. The scientists pointed out that the shape of the volcano is different from all the volcanoes that are located under the sea , and it is likely to give researchers answers about how volcanoes form .

The volcanoes of the most violent phenomena in nature, and not confined to the surface of the earth or land , but there is the largest and most violent volcanoes disappear in the depths of the ocean .

Bottom of the ocean is very active and not, as it was believed that life does not exist at these depths , under enormous pressure in the depths of the ocean ( at a depth of 11 km ), where total darkness , we find molten lava flowing and inflame the scene .. Off gas and sour water ... Although we find living organisms has God شخر her livelihood .. Even in high Alahrarh .. Hallelujah!

Ship Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) Resolution ship dedicated to the study of the depths .

Three-dimensional image by satellite to the volcano site , which runs the length of more than 200 km .. Reference : Nature Geoscience


No one would have imagined the existence of such volcanoes that heats the bottom ocean and Tlhbh , but the Koran nice pointed reference to this phenomenon ... Phenomenon تسجير or heating the seas in the verse: (and phase (1) and Book مسطور (2) in parchment publication ( 3) House globe (4) and the ceiling raised (5 ) and sea Almsgeor (6) The punishment of your Lord of the reality ) phase: 1 - 7].

These verses confirm the presence of heat in the seas to very high temperatures more than a thousand degrees Celsius, and when we see such volcanoes inflamed and that God has told us it ( and the sea Almsgeor ) must be convinced that the punishment of God and reality inevitably (if torment Lord of the reality ), Whoever Tell heated from the sea is the one who is telling us the reality of certain doom .. Will go back and repent to God ..