The season finale of "The Curse of Oak Island" comes on the History Channel at 9PM Central Standard Time and 10PM Eastern Standard Time --- Don't miss it. Word is that the team of treasure hunters make an awesome discovery in the swamp located near "The Money Pit".

What do you suppose the treasure hunters find; could it be the lost candlestick from King Salomon's Temple or do they find a horde of pirate gold and jewels? The suspense is building up and the clues are piling up leading to something big I suspect.

So, the swamp from the air is in the shape of a Pyramid like the ones that both Free Masons and the New World Order is known for using as one of their symbols. Rocks engraved with dates in the 1700s have been found on the island. A stone tablet had been discovered in "The Money Pit" decades earlier with strange letters or symbols on it. Coconut fiber had been found in one of the shallow man made bays on the island and the strange thing is about the Coconut fiber is that the nearest coconut trees are over 1200 miles away. On the island are five large stones that form a cross that stretches over 100 feet and after a special guest visited the island and shared his theory that he had discovered in the pages of William Shakespeare play "The Tempest"; the team and their guest ventured out on the island to put the theory to a test. As it seems, the theory might prove to be the key needed to unlock the mysteries of the island treasure at last.

So far, six people have died in tragic accidents and mysterious deaths while searching for the treasures believed to be buried somewhere on Oak Island. A legendary curse that declared that seven must die while seeking the treasure before all the mysteries are revealed makes the six men that have already lost their lives even the more frightening. One more must die while seeking to find the treasure according to the Oak Island curse before the mystery is revealed.

Will the newest treasure hunting team solve the Oak Island mystery and find the buried treasure before the curse of Oak Island claims its final victim or will the curse swallow up its last victim before the mystery is revealed? Watch and see, this Sunday night (February 09, 2014) on the History Channel to see what new clues and or treasure is found on "The Curse of Oak Island".

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