In past centuries, dogs were consistently bred for their willingness to fight for human entertainment. Dog-fighting was, and is, a cruel sport, but one strange breed that came from this sick industry was the Cordoba fighting dog, a breed from Argentina.

Cordoba fighting dogs were a mixture of boxer, mastiff, bull terrier, and English bulldogs. Only dogs who were ruthless, pain-tolerant, and willing to fight to the death were selected for breeding. They fought one another in dog fighting pits and died brutal deaths.

Eventually, the Cordoba fighting dog was so well-bred for aggression that it became harder and harder to breed. When a male was placed in the company of a female in heat, the two wouldn't mate. Instead, they would fight each other to the death. By the 1930s, the Cordoba fighting dog became completely extinct as a direct result of its "perfection" as a fighting dog. Its only living descendant is the Dogo Argentino, which is fortunately not as aggressive as its ancestral breed.

It's really scary to me to think that people were so successful in breeding an aggressive dog that they bred it to its own extinction. It does show that, despite the fact that many dogs from today's "aggressive" breeds break stereotypes, aggression can be an inherited trait that can't be overcome.

What are your thoughts on the Cordoba fighting dog?