The Conjuring is an incredibly scary movie that happens to be based on true events. I just watched it with my family and I must say I did jump out of my seat a few times. I have always believed in the paranormal, good and evil, and everything in between. I could not imagine being haunted or possessed the way the Perron Family were in the early 1970’s. If you are a skeptic then please look up this story because it is very accessible on Google.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were sought out by the Perron’s and the Warren’s agreed to investigate the things that were going on in their home. The family was being haunted by demonic forces that had been initiated by a woman from the past who was believed to be a witch. The woman’s name was Beth Sheba. She was a self-proclaimed witch who sacrificed her seven day old infant to Satan. After she did this she went outside and hung herself, but before she did this she put a curse on the land. The curse was that bad fortune and death would come to all that took her land from her. Over the years after Beth Sheba’s suicide there were tons of suicides and murders all over the property that had been sold to and inhabited by many people.

This is where the Perron Family comes in. They apparently bought the farmhouse during an auction. Things started happening almost immediately after they moved in and just became worse over time. After contacting the Warren’s and after the investigation started things became much worse. Mrs. Perron became possessed by the demonic force also known as Beth Sheba. Many things happened during this course of events. If you want to know more about it then please watch the movie because it is well worth renting for a few bucks during Halloween!

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