Starring two of my favorite actors Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, The Colony (2013) is just another post-apocalyptic adventure where humans band together through ice age Earth in a very resourceful attempt to survive. It was interesting, mostly because, hey, it’s a new post-apocalyptic adventure, and I love those even though they’ve been done over and over and over again.

This one had snow, blood, zombies –I think they were zombies, but maybe not –a pretty girl (like ONE), a cute guy, an ah*le, a hero, sick people dying of some strange virus that I couldn’t quite figure out…totally non-zombie related, and a really crappy not resolute ending where people wander off into the snow in search of a better place and you have no idea what the h* happens to them. (did you breathe while reading that last sentence, because I don’t think I did)

Anyway, do I recommend it? Eh, maybe. It wasn’t bad, I was just left completely dissatisfied at the end. I hate it when that happens. Out of 5 stars I give the movie a 3.

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