Shane Todd was an American Research Engineer who worked in a research institute in Singapore. In June 2012, days before he was to return to the US, Shane was found dead in Singapore. His parents are now disputing the circumstances of his death.

Shane’s body was found hanging in his apartment by his girlfriend. Local authorities believe Shane had committed suicide. However, Shane’s parents are unsatisfied with the handling of the investigation, and by their own investigation, found certain discrepancies that might point to foul play.

Shane’s parents own findings led them to believe that Shane was caught in the middle of a secret military technology transfer between Shane’s previous employer and a Chinese company know to have ties with the Chinese military.

The case is now still under investigation, so it is too immature to believe the truth to be one way or another. But anyone familiar with the situation in Singapore might be inclined to believe the claim of technology transfer is a tab exaggerated. However, the most important thing here is that Shane’s parents had lost a good son. They deserve closure.

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