For the past couple of weeks, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy has been dealing with the grief and guilt associated with losing her baby.


Steffy’s mother Taylor, a psychiatrist, advised her daughter that she had to forgive herself otherwise her grief would paralyze her. But those were not the words that got Steffy’s attention. It was Taylor asking Dr. Caspary when Liam and Steffy could get pregnant again that got Steffy’s attention.

Dr Caspary, Steffy’s ob-gyn advised Steffy that she needed to give her body a little time to heal but that since she was young and healthy that there was no reason for them to try again. Soon.

The idea of having another baby as a way to help get over the one that they’d lost brought Steffy out of her depression. Meanwhile Liam was being hit on by Hope!

Warning from here on out we are into Spoilers and Speculation territory!

UPDATE! Steffy can't have another baby!


“Steffy tells Katie that she and Liam will have another baby soon.” “Steffy’s condition worries Katie” “Katie stands by a frightened Steffy during a critical moment.” “Steffy is forced to face the enormity of her recent loss” “Katie gives an emotional Steffy her support as Steffy tries to cope with her loss” “Katie is shocked by Steffy’s demand to hide the truth from Liam”

We have Steffy using the idea of having another baby with her husband as he coping mechanism for the loss of her baby. When Katie visits Steffy and Liam with Will, it is clear that Liam wants children. And a confident Steffy tells Katie that she and Liam will have another baby soon.

But spoilers are indicating that maybe the full repercussions of Steffy and Liam’s loss haven’t yet been realized. And that Steffy decides to keep the truth from Liam – at least in the short term.

With all the foreshadowing about Steffy and Liam having another baby, we need a twist.


We also know that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the actress who brings Steffy Forrester to life, is stepping back from the role to travel and pursue other projects. We are assured Steffy will still appear on our screens, just not in a front burner storyline.

We also know that Dr Caspary will be appearing in episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful this week (June 3 – 7, 2013). This could be related to Brooke’s pregnancy but since Soap Opera Digest also ran a photo of Steffy seemingly passed out, her appearance is more likely due to a development in Steffy’s condition.


The spoilers quoted above can be read to support this. It would appear that Katie is on hand for whatever is to befall Steffy and provides Steffy much needed emotional support, while she deals with (another) loss.


That all was not as it should be with Steffy was also foreshadowed. When Steffy first came home from the hospital she suffered dizzy spells but said nothing.
With Steffy desperate to have another child with Liam as a means of coping with the loss of their first child, Liam’s sadness over his lost opportunity to be a father, and the comings and goings activity, my guess is that Steffy will suffer some kind of physical setback in her recovery.

A setback that results in Steffy learning that she cannot have any further children.

Steffy would be forced to face the devastating loss of her child if she couldn’t simply replace the pregnancy she lost with another. The loss of her baby becomes all the more significant as well if she is no longer able to bear children. Fear of losing Liam should he learn the truth could have Steffy beg Katie not to tell Liam about her latest news. The news would be devastating to Steffy - enough to send her running to Paris - alone. Leaving Liam to Hope....


Chatter in fan forums has also put forward another possibility. One I’m not sure I can buy into given the “procedure” that Steffy underwent while in hospital. Some are proposing that Steffy was pregnant with twins and she lost only one baby.

Given that Dr Meade told Liam about the loss of his child by saying there was no evidence of a heartbeat I find this theory a little harder to swallow than Steffy learning she can no longer have children.

The only way this could fly is if Steffy was carrying two babies of different gestational age. Heartbeats cannot always be detected very early in a pregnancy. There is nothing better in the soap world than a secret baby….still I’m not buying this theory as I'm not sure how it makes Steffy face her loss….

Is Steffy barren as the result of her motorbike accident and subsequent miscarriage? Or have we been dealt a big fat red herring in the spoilers?

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