It is crazy how far we have come with electronic devices. iPods, smart phones, tablets and 3D televisions are a few of the more popular electronic devices.

Walkmans were popular back in the day. I know I had one and loved it. I used to wait all day for my favorite song to come on the radio and record it using my walkman. This way I always had a recording of my favorite song in which I would play anytime I wanted to.

Cordless house phones were so cool. When we upgraded from our corded phone to a cordless house phone I was so excited! I could actually talk on the phone in my bedroom instead of staying connected in the kitchen. This was one of my favorite electronic devices.

Palm pilots came out and I really wanted one. I saved up all of my allowance for months to afford one of these. I think the only reason I really wanted one was because it was an electronic device. I was a kid at the time. All they could really do was store contacts and you could write notes in them. Some of the more expensive ones had names, but I didn’t have enough money for one of those.

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