There are many species and varieties of Brugmansia and these flowering shrubs are often called Angel’s Trumpets. The name is descriptive because the flowers are large and funnel-shaped like a trumpet but are also exceedingly beautiful.

Brugmansias are very fragrant with a strong perfume that is given out especially at night to attract hawk moths with very long proboscises that they can probe the blooms with for nectar.

Some species can grow into small trees. Brugmansia x candida is a white-flowered species from Ecuador that can reach as much as 6 metres in height in ideal conditions.

Brugmansia sanguinea is smaller at around 3 metres in height and has red and yellow trumpet flowers. It comes from the Andes Mountains in Columbia and Chile.

Brugmansia versicolor has large flowers that change from salmon-pink to a peach colour as they grow older. It comes from Ecuador.

The Angel’s Trumpet species used to be considered as in the genus Datura. Both the Datura and Brugmansia species have funnel-shaped flowers and are in the Solanaceae. They are all very poisonous too and contain hallucinogenic but dangerous tropane alkaloids.

The Angel’s Trumpet looks very beautiful and smells wonderful but it is “femme fatale” from the world of plants. Admire it but do not consume!

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Image Credit: Steve Andrews White Angel's Trumpet. Photo by me, Steve Andrews aka Bard of Ely