Yes, you know the coworker I am talking about. In my case, it is a female that is a bit over the top. You see, aside from freelancing, I work a full-time job outside of my home. This keeps me social and my bills paid. With that being said, I am exposed to a wide variety of personalities.

You see, I am the “class clown”. I always try to be in good spirits and am typically the one that gets along with everyone. It’s a rare occasion that I just cannot stand to be around someone for more than five minutes. Well, this is currently my reality. Though I do not dislike my coworker, she is a bit over the top. She is someone who craves attention and is often involved in a power struggle. Neither being any type of fun for those who have to constantly witness it.

She reminds me of a male dog. You know the ones that like to mark their territory?!? Well, she is similar. I feel when she walks in my office door that she has her leg hiked to mark her spot as if she needs to let people know that she is in charge. It’s obnoxious! I still try to smile and go on about my day as she simply isn’t worth worrying about, but I wanted to see if anyone else has one of these love-to-work with coworkers at their jobs?

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