Thanksgivings, since I was a wee little boy, have always been a major production in my household. We used to cook for 15-20 people before my dad passed away. Since that time, I have taken up the mantle of cooking, but on a somewhat grander scale. Being married, I have two families that come, meaning 20-30 people in any given year.

The menu must have all the favorites, and one that everyone asks to have is the traditional green bean casserole. I make two separate batches, and it is always gone at the end of the evening. Here are the needed ingredients:

Four cans – cut green beans 2 cans – Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup Big can – French’s French Fried Onion Rings Accent

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Before mixing, open green beans and drain the juice from the cans. Now take two cans and empty into casserole dish. I used the round shaped ones that fit into those silver holders. Take one can of Mushroom Soup mix and empty that into the dish. Now mix those two together. Once mixed, top off with half of the French fried onions. Apply a few good shakes of Accent to that. Accent really does bring out the flavor of foods.

Now, take the other two cans of green beans and add them into the dish. Top that off with the second can of soup mix, making sure to mix it all once again. You want to mix to make sure to get onion rings throughout the casserole. Now, top off the casserole with the rest of the French fried onion rings. Everyone wants some of those crispy rings off the top when done.

Place the casserole into the oven, uncovered, for 45 minutes. Take out and cover until ready to serve. Usually within 30 minutes to an hour is a good rule of thumb. Enjoy!

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